Big Top Markets and Ocean Street

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Big Top Markets and Ocean Street


When visiting Maroochydore, you can’t go past checking out the vibrant main street, where local producers, musicians and businesses all go to put their wares on display.

Big Top is a huge community driven market under the guise of a regular commercial “shopping centre’. It turns your assumption of what’s inside on it’s head as soon as you walk through the door and discover the marvellous local stalls and the smells of fresh fruit and delicious freshly prepared food wafts over.

The market gets it's name from the now permanent 'big top' pavillion construction, huge tent-like sails provide a lofty indoor atmosphere.

There are local musicians and artists always offering a nice vibe with live music to enjoy as you browse around the fantastic array of shops and a stalls.

Try a gluten free donut, a hungarian treat, a german sausage, the best handmade Chinese dumplings, delicious local handmade gelato, gourmet burgers and American style treats from the grille, delectable (and famous!) Milaney cheeses and Yoghurts and much more.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh strawberry punnets, and everyone is so friendly and more than happy to let you sample their goods, trusting in it’s quality to make the sale.