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Fraser Island Getaways


Fraser Island is one of Queensland’s ultimate getaway destinations. Ancient, pristine and bursting with natural experiences, Fraser Island is a place of gorgeous white sand beaches and dunes, spectacular rainforest and tranquil freshwater lakes.

World Heritage listed and the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is known for it’s amazing 120km beach highway, a four wheel drivers delight and the source of many (so many) car commercials. Discover the Maheno shipwreck and cliffs of glimmering different coloured sands.


Hundreds of freshwater lakes provide relaxation serenity and a place to escape the summer heat. Iconic Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabbly are two of the most popular spots.

Cool tropical rainforests provide amazing bushwalking and hiking opportunities and the chance to meet some iconic local wildlife.


You may be interested in an eco-adventure or guided cruise/tour of which there are many to choose from. The laid back community on Fraser Island welcomes tourists and visitors year round and the friendly locals are more than happy to share the best fishing spots.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but it needs to be said anyway, beach fishing is incredible. Option exist for the experienced angler to the hand reel wielding enthusiast first-timer. 75 Mile Beach on the eastern edge of the Island offers incredible fishing, as does Sandy Cape, Indian Head or off the jetty the Kingfisher Bay Resort. Jewfish, whiting, dart and tailor are on the cards all year round.


You’re spoilt for choice for accommodation and things to do, so when on the Sunshine Coast consider a weekend trip north to discover the beautiful and adventure filled Fraser Island.